Fall Quarter Transparency Report

Want to know what SGA was up to this past fall quarter? The 2018-2019 SGA will be releasing transparency reports at the end of each quarter in hopes of furthering our transparency efforts and creating meaningful dialogue with the DePaul student body about what we have been up to. Give it a read!

Transparency Reports:


What is MAP?

The Monetary Award Program (MAP) is a financial aid program administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. It provides taxpayer-funded grants to Illinois students who attend college in Illinois. Low- and middle-income students who attend community college, public or private universities in Illinois, including DePaul, may qualify for MAP awards. Each year, approximately 130,000 students receive more than $370 million in MAP grants.

What is happening with MAP this year?

The State of Illinois does not yet have its budget in place for the current year, which began July 1. The General Assembly passed a budget in May, but Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed all spending except for K-12 education. Various court orders and consent decrees are allowing about 90 percent of the budget to be paid in the interim. The largest unfunded parts of the budget include MAP, other public higher education costs, and human services.

What does this mean for DePaul students?

DePaul enrolls nearly 5,000 MAP-eligible students, who each receive an annual grant of more than $4,000. To date, DePaul has committed to honoring all MAP grants awarded for the current term (fall). If the state ultimately does not pay MAP grants this year, DePaul will work with students on an individual basis to find alternative solutions for funding winter and spring quarters.

Why isn’t the state funding MAP this year?

MAP is a popular program that enjoys strong support from Democrats, Republicans and Governor Rauner. Unfortunately, a political disagreement has created a stalemate in Springfield. It is important to note that the disagreement is not about MAP, but about other, unrelated issues. Despite that, until the dispute is resolved, MAP funding will remain in jeopardy.

What happens if the stalemate goes beyond this academic year?

DePaul continues to monitor the situation. Most observers do not believe the stalemate will continue into next year, or that this will become a long-term problem. However, DePaul will continue to press the state for a long-term resolution to this issue.

I am a MAP student (or I know a MAP student) who is very concerned about this. Where can she go to learn more about her financial aid and MAP?

DePaul Central is the best resource for DePaul students who have questions about their financial aid. For more info about DePaul Central, please visit

What can I do?

You can call your state representative and Governor Rauner’s office. Please urge them to “Fund MAP Now”, and tell them how important MAP is to you, especially if you receive a MAP grant. Let them know why the program is important to DePaul and all college students in Illinois, even if you don’t receive a MAP grant yourself.

I don’t receive MAP. Should I still call my representative and the governor?

Yes, especially if you are a registered voter in Illinois. Tell them to Fund MAP Now!

For more information about the Monetary Award Program and the current situation, please visit MAP MATTERS AT

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